Why Metal Roofing is a Great Choice for Tampa Bay Homes

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Why Metal Roofing is a Great Choice for Tampa Bay Homes

If you’re looking to install a new roof, there are several reasons you should choose metal roofing. As a Tampa, Florida, resident where hurricanes and heat waves are frequent, metal roofs will prevent your home from sustaining damage. 

More importantly, they will save money and enhance your indoor comfort. To determine whether they’re suitable for your Tampa home, Bay To Bay Roofing experts have provided all the information you need regarding metal roofs. 

image of blue metal roofing on a house in Tampa, FL with a blue sky above it.

What Are Metal Roofs?

A type of cool roof, metal roofs are designed to reflect more sunlight than conventional asphalt. Traditional roofs can reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit or more on a hot, sunny day. In comparison, these cool roofs will remain at least 50 degrees cooler due to their high thermal emittance

Metal roofs typically come in shingles or panels and are made of steel, aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc. They are highly durable and can withstand most climates. In addition, they are fire- and corrosion-resistant.

By reducing heat absorption, they save money on energy costs and make your home less hot. What makes them advantageous for Tampa homes is that they can be adapted for high-wind applications, protecting against Florida’s hurricanes. 

Benefits Of Metal Roofs For Tampa Residents

The following are qualities that make metal roofing beneficial for Tampa Bay homes:

Selecting The Right Metal Roof For Your Home

There are a few factors you should consider when choosing a metal roof for your home


First, it’s important to know what designs you prefer. This helps you narrow down color and material options. Then, a trained specialist can provide you with styles and colors. 

Types of Metal Roofing Material

To determine which material is most practical, research the pros and cons. Since metal roofs are made of 5 different metals (i.e., aluminum, steel, copper, etc), learn about the options most suitable for your home. 

For example, aluminum roofs are costly, more malleable, less available, and more prone to denting. In comparison, steel is cheaper, more durable, and low-maintenance. During your search, find the most functional materials for your home and needs.

To ensure you have the best outcome, consult your local professional at Bay to Bay Roofing.


Before selecting a metal roof, it helps to work within a budget. A budget will guide you with material selection since it will vary based on price per square foot. 

When you speak with an experienced roofing contractor at Bay to Bay, we will discuss your options and help you to stay within your budget. Get your free quote from us today and keep your finances in line.


Finding the most appropriate roof for your home depends on where you live. Certain materials will perform better in hotter climates. Specifically, lighter-colored aluminum roofs perform well in Florida due to their high reflectivity. 

If you’re unsure about what’s ideal for your home, your local roofing experts will perform an inspection and provide suggestions based on your financial limitations, weather, and material. 

Need Assistance With Metal Roofing?

For Tampa Bay homeowners looking for metal roofing, our experts at Bay To Bay Roofing will be glad to assist you. We will provide you with top recommendations that suit your preferences. 

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