The Different Parts of a Roof

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The Different Parts of a Roof

When communicating with a roofing company, it is very helpful to understand the technical terms used for different parts of a roof. After all, you’ll want to know what they’re talking about so you know they’re doing a decent job on your roof and aren’t taking you for a ride. In this overview, we’ll explore the various roof components and explain what each section is about.

Let’s get into it!

A Closer Look at your Roof

Let’s break down all the different parts of a roof that you’ll want to understand:

Abutment: This part connects to an exterior wall.

Air Vent: These help with ventilation, allowing hot air to escape from the home.

Chimney: The chimney sticks up and contains the flue, where hot air and gasses can vent out of the home. Traditionally above a fireplace to allow the smoke to exit the house!

Cricket: A cricket is a small section of roofing at the top of a chimney that helps deflect water away from the chimney.

Decking: The decking is the plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) board on top of the trusses. It provides a surface for the roofing materials.

Dormer: A dormer is a window on a sloped roof that projects out from the main body of the house.

Downspout: The downspout is the pipe that carries water from the gutter and drains it away from the house.

Drip Edge: The drip edge is a section at the very edge of the roof. Its purpose is to help direct water away from the home, preventing it from seeping through cracks or crevices.

Eaves: The eaves overhang the exterior walls of the home.

Fascia: The fascia is a board at the edge, right beneath the shingles. It helps support the gutters and provides a place to attach them.

Flashing: The flashing is a waterproof material that roofers use for those areas where water might seep through, e.g.:

  • around chimneys
  • skylights
  • or vents.

Gable: The gable is the triangular-shaped section of the wall at the end of a pitched roof.

Gutter: The gutter is a system around the perimeter of your roof that helps to collect rainwater, directing it away from your home.

Rafters: These are the support beams that run across the roof end-to-end. They are typically made of wood and give additional strength.

Ridge: The ridge is the highest point of the roof, where the two sides meet in the middle.

Sheathing: Simply another name for decking.

Soffit (underside): This is the horizontal section under the eaves of a roof.

Truss: Trusses support all kinds of roof components, including

  • sheathing
  • decking
  • and insulation.

Valley: A valley is a low point where two slopes meet, typically in the center of your home.

Vent: A vent is a small opening that helps with ventilation, allowing hot air to escape from the home.

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Hopefully, these definitions have helped you understand the different parts of a roof and what goes into what may seem like a very simple part of your property.

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