Optimal Season for Roof Replacement in Florida

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Optimal Season for Roof Replacement in Florida

Florida’s location and weather come with their own unique set of difficulties. The weather is never calm and the heat/humidity throughout the year make it really hard to determine when it is the optimal time to get your roof replaced. Storms and strong rain are a regular occurrence in this region so don’t make any mistakes that you would regret later. Although you could replace your roof in most of the seasons, there are certain time periods that this wouldn’t be the best option. 

Late Spring and Summer are not the best times But Often The Most Necessary!

The well-being and safety of your contractors should be a primary concern. When it’s raining cats and dogs they put themselves in unnecessary danger. Light drizzle and humidity in the air are not a problem, but laborers shouldn’t work on your roof in the middle of a storm. Not only that but working on your roof while it’s raining can trap moisture in the decking under the membrane which prevents shingles from properly adhering and it increases the probability of leaks. Shingles need time to settle in and if rain is present the sealing process can be interrupted or slowed down considerately.

You can experience rain in almost any season in Florida, but you should avoid working on your roof during the rainy spring seasons. They are known for their unexpected strong rains that leave the streets flooded and are extremely bad conditions for installing your brand new watertight roof.

Summer comes with its own set of problems. The very high temperatures make your roofing components like asphalt shingles much softer than normal. Once they are softened it’s more difficult to install them because the nails tend to rip through them a lot easier than normal and scuffing takes place when laborers walk on the roof during the install. While elsewhere in the world summer is the perfect season for replacing your roof, in Florida, the extreme temperatures make it unpredictable. Think ahead if you are able and plan your roof replacement when the temperatures are more moderate.

Autumn and winter Are perfect In Florida

Autumn is universally accepted as the best time. Replacing your roof in the autumn or winter months gives you more chances of moderate weather and your contractor can do the work more efficiently without any unexpected occurrences. There still is a possibility of terrible weather because of the hurricane season, but it’s easier to predict and avoid than the random downpours in the rainy season.

Temperature-wise in other places around the world winters usually isn’t the best season to replace your roof because they need to go through a process called thermal sealing. The process keeps the inside of your home nice and dry by making the watertight barrier perfect. Winters elsewhere are too cold for reliable roofing work because this process takes a long time at lower temperatures, but in Florida, the winter temperatures are warm enough so you can afford to replace your roof in that season.

Proper weather conditions are key when getting your roof replaced. Hire a reliable contractor at the right time so you don’t have to replace your roof twice. As we said, winter and fall are much better than spring and summer so it is recommended to sign a contract in advance if you are worried about prices increasing outside the rainy season.