How to Maintain your Roof

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How to Maintain your Roof

Keeping your roof maintained saves you money on energy bills and increases your home’s value. Most people don’t really care about their roofs, but a building’s roof is very important as it serves as the first line of defense against the weather conditions outside. They finally give attention to their roofs when they notice a water stain inside the home or maybe a shingle or a tile missing while working in the yard. 

Why is it crucial to keep your roof well maintained? 

Small damage on the roof can expand into so much more if not taken care of. Thousands of dollars could be spent on repairing it. It’s in your best interest to catch problems while they are still small to protect your building. 

Although not all roofs need to be cleaned on a yearly basis. Some of them could go a couple of years before needing to get cleaned. But in Florida, the weather is quite abrasive because of the heat, humidity, rain, and wind. That’s why mold and mildew can build up rapidly. Taking care of your roof and cleaning it regularly will help your roof last longer and look better.

Even if your roof was made from the most durable materials sooner or later the roof will begin to deteriorate because of the weather elements. Some sections will break down, moisture will seep in and cause a lot of trouble. The weakest parts are always at the perimeters and penetration points, such as vents, skylights, and water tank footings. 

The best time to inspect a roof is in the spring and fall. It’s not enough to just take a quick look at it. The inspections should be done by a professional roofing contractor who is able to detect small problems before they become dangerous or expensive.



Things you should do to ensure your roofs safety:

  • Trim your trees

Most commonly the roof gets damaged when broken limbs fall on top of it and branches rub on the shingles. You should cut all the trees away from the roof. It will not only lessen the danger but also keep your gutters clean by reducing leaf buildup.

  • Clean your gutters

A great way of extending the life of your roof is by cleaning the gutters. They allow rain naturally flow down the roof and prevent any water buildup. If the drains are clogged, the water has nowhere to escape and can pool up and damage your roof. Gutters help divert water from your roof down to the ground. There are many things that can clog your gutters such as leaves, twigs, and birds’ nests so make sure there are no obstructions in them otherwise the rainwater can back up into your home and cause a lot of damage. The weight of water build up in gutters can bring them down just as quickly as ice build-up in the northern part of the country.

If you notice your shingles are missing or damaged, you should replace them immediately. If they don’t work properly, then your roof is vulnerable to water damage and mold over time.