How to Find a Reliable Roofing Contractor in Tampa Bay

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How to Find a Reliable Roofing Contractor in Tampa Bay

Searching for a reliable roofing contractor in Tampa Bay, Florida, involves considering many aspects. As a result, it can be overwhelming. Finding the right professional is crucial, even in a rush. However, hiring an experienced and qualified roofing contractor will help you avoid scams and costly mistakes. 

Using our knowledge and expertise at Bay to Bay Roofing, we have devised our best tips for locating a trustworthy roofing contractor in Tampa. 

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Why Look For Licensed, Bonded & Insured Professionals? 

If you are hiring a roofing contractor for the first time, they should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Having those credentials is necessary for customer protection. Meeting these standards means that the business can be held accountable should issues arise. Otherwise, you pay the price for mistakes. 

To help you understand the significance of licensure, bonds, and insurance, our Bay to Bay experts have provided a detailed explanation of these terms:


A license demonstrates that the recipient has earned the qualifications to work in your area. This also means the contractor has registered with your state’s board for licensing. Without a license, it’s more likely that the contractor lacks the proper training to perform the work. 


Although not all roofing companies are bonded, it benefits homeowners. When a business is bonded, it means the owner has financially backed their services. This prevents the customer from suffering the consequences if the contractor fails to fulfill their contractual obligations or if there’s a problem with the work. 

The two most common types are performance or payment bonds. Payment bonds ensure the contractor will pay all suppliers and subcontractors who assist in project completion. In comparison, a performance bond guarantees that a contractor will perform the work according to the conditions and requirements of the construction contract.

Bonds allow clients to feel more confident about working with the business because they are willing to assume responsibility for wrongdoing. 


Insurance, also known as liability insurance, benefits businesses and customers. Namely, it protects both parties in case of lawsuits, equipment/property damage, homeowner injuries, or other risks. 

When hiring a roofer, having that assurance to safeguard you against injuries and your home/belongings from damage is essential. 

These three qualifications show that the contractor is invested in their team and business. Since roofing is a skilled trade where accidents and mistakes can happen, having a license, bonds, and insurance demonstrates a dedication to ensuring quality work and honest business practices.

If you live in Tampa Bay, you can rely on our licensed, bonded, and insured Bay to Bay Roofing professionals. With over 30 years of experience, we take pride in promoting customer satisfaction and quality assurance.  

Finding A Reliable Roofing Contractor In Tampa Bay

The following are Bay to Bay’s recommendations for finding a reliable roofing contractor in Tampa Bay:

Read Reviews & Business Website

Once you have a tentative list, read the business reviews. Reviews provide you with an unbiased insight into products and services while also building a sense of trust.

In addition, visit the company’s website and verify their address and credentials. Checking this information allows you to determine whether it is legitimate and credible. Research the company’s name and type in those keywords to rule out complaints or scams. Based on the results, roofers with a long history of issues should be eliminated.

At Bay to Bay, we have many informative and complimentary customer reviews to back our work. When using our company, you don’t have to worry about complaints because we address all client concerns early on.

Meet With Several Contractors

After determining which contractors are credible, contact them to set up in-person meetings. During the meeting, ask for insurance and license numbers (which can be verified by calling their provider). Also, inquire about employee training, experience, and any additional certifications. 

With a face-to-face appointment, you can substantiate the information listed on their website and learn about the services provided. Following the interaction, you can decide which professional is most appropriate and better equipped to manage your roofing projects. 

Contact Bay to Bay today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Ask For References & Work Samples

During your in-person exchange, ask for references and work samples. This helps you see which contractor suits you and your roofing needs. 

When choosing Bay to Bay, our contractors will provide our licensing numbers and insurance information. More so, we will make any work samples available upon request. During our face-to-face meetings, we build confidence by addressing your questions or concerns immediately.

Schedule Estimates and Walk-Throughs

Following the in-person meeting, schedule estimates/walk-throughs with multiple contractors so they can perform a thorough evaluation of your roof. Once the assessment is complete, estimates should be provided in writing. It should include a work description, materials, a completion date, and a price. 

Illegitimate companies usually give estimates or pricing information over the phone or request a large deposit. Before deciding on a roofer, it’s best to get multiple estimates to compare pricing and recommendations. Cheaper isn’t always better! Although every business is different, professionals will have similar procedures. 

If you’re a Tampa homeowner, you can feel secure selecting Bay to Bay as your roofing contractor. We operate at the highest level of professionalism, giving detailed estimates that thoroughly explain our roof repair or replacement recommendations. 

Prioritize Work Quality Over Pricing

Before hiring a contractor, review all the contractor’s estimates. To narrow down which company is best for you, compare material and labor pricing with the project summary (i.e., roof repairs, roof replacement, or new roof installation). While your selection is budget-dependent, it’s more beneficial to prioritize work quality over cheap pricing. 

When a project is priced too low, that usually equates to lower labor costs, which indicates inexperience. Remember, you get what you pay for. Having the work done correctly is more important than paying for mistakes later.  

Read The Contract Carefully

After the estimate is completed and you have decided on a contractor, you will receive a contract. However, read it carefully before signing. 

This document should confirm what’s been agreed upon, along with the following:

  • Project start date
  • The contractor’s name, address, phone number, license number, and insurance information
  • Details discussed during your walk-through, scope of work, labor, and materials cost
  • A written statement of your right to cancel the contract within three business days if you signed it in your home or at a location other than the seller’s permanent place of business

In Tampa Bay, our Bay to Bay experts come highly recommended because our contracts contain all the details our clients need to feel comfortable signing with us. 

Why You Can Trust Bay to Bay: Roofing Contractor in Tampa Bay

If you are searching for a reliable roofing contractor in Tampa Bay, you can count on Bay to Bay Roofing! Our experienced professionals take great care in building a trustworthy rapport with our customers. Having successfully installed over 2,500 roofs in the Tampa area, we are qualified to handle all your roofing projects. 

More importantly, we have all the qualifications to back our projects. Our team consists of highly qualified estimators and supervisors and expertly skilled installation and repair crews trained to treat your property as if it were their own.
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