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Congratulations on claiming your Facebook Roof Tune Up Special!  To finalize your order, please call us at (727) 888-2527 so that we can set-up your roof inspection.  You may also fill out the short form below with your information and preferred days/times, and we will set up an appointment and confirm with you asap.

How Does Our roof Tune Up Work?

We will set up a convenient time for you to come out and preform a tune up on your roof*.  What this means is that we will come out, inspect your roof, and perform the following tasks as needed:

  • Caulking and Sealing of All Flashing
  • Tightening of Loos Shingles and Patching of Broken Seams
  • Replacement of up to 10 Blown Off Shingles
  • Repair of Exposed Bail Heads (Nail Pops)
  • Inspection
  • Take Photos for Insurance and Personal Records to Keep on File for you for Future Use
  • Provide you a full report of our findings


Why Are Roof Tune Ups Important to The Life of Your Roof?

We live in a climate that is notoriously tough on roofs. Between a hot, unrelenting sun the majority of the year, and sever rain  and wind storms common throughout the rainy season, Florida roofs take a beating.

A roof tune up is important because:

  • It helps take care of the small maintenance issues a roof can have, before they become a big problem.
  • If there is a larger problem looming, you can take preventative measures to prevent further damage and expense
  • You have a record of the health of your roof so that you can budget for for future repairs or replacement
  • If done regularly, you have a record of the condition of your roof  as proof to insurance companies in the event that there is a massive storm that may cause wind or hail damage. Insurance will try to avoid paying the full amount due to you if at all possible. We keep records of your tune-ups, so if your roof was in good shape the months before  a heavy storm, and then you suddenly have damage and leaks, you have a better chance of receiving a fair settlement on your claim.
  • Finally, you have peace of mind that you are doing everything in your power to make sure the your most important investment, your home and family is as protected as possible by minimizing surprises where your roof is concerned.


Go ahead and call us today @ (727) 888-2527 and we will schedule to come out and perform your Roof Tune Up, ASAP for only $49.75.

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What if my roof has more problems than your Tune Up covers?

We will still perform the work listed above, and give you an estimate for further repairs if necessary.  In some cases we may be able to do additional work on the spot, it depends on the situation.

How do I pay?

Our Tune Up Specialist will collect a check or run a credit card on site, or you can send a check to the office or give your credit card # over the phone.

How Often Should I Get a Tune Up?

It is recommended to get one, once a year, and maybe a second if there have been a lot of severe storms or you know your roof might be vulnerable, as there is a through inspection with the tune up.

Is a Certified Inspection Included that I Can Submit to My Insurance Company to Keep My Coverage?

The Roof Tune up does not include a certified inspection for insurance coverage purposes.  However, if you need a certified Citizens inspection, we can perform one at a discounted rate at the same time.

Do You Offer Tune Ups for Tile Roofs?

We do offer certified inspections for Tile Roofs, in which we will keep a record of the roof condition, etc. However we do not offer a maintenance tune up on Tile Roofs at this time.

What if my home is over 3000 sq feet?

If your home is over, we can still do a Tune Up, but there will be a nominal extra charge of $25 to cover the additional materials and time to perform the tune up.

* – Roof Tune Up is for a shingle roof on up to 3000 sq ft home.