If you have lived in the Tampa Bay Area for  even a year, you know how our serious Gulf Coast storm strikes can be!  When theseTree-Roof -Damage storms strike, whether in the heart of hurricane season or through out the rest of the year, serious damage can be done to your roof.

Wind, rain, hail, lightning and falling branches can cause damage that is easy to see. But they can also cause hidden damage that may take months to show itself. Damage that you may not even realize was caused from a storm months ago and would not only have been covered under your insurance but also if detected at the time it occurred, would have prevented months of possible slow leaks and mold build up.

Bay to Bay Roofing, a Five Star Roofing company, is here to help you make sure that your home and family is protected in the event of a severe Florida storm in your area.  Our team is available to make emergency repairs to restore the integrity of your roof and help protect the contents of your home or business. We will also document damage for proof of insurance claims.

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Once the storm subsides one of our storm damage experts will return to your home or business to  conductRoof Leaking from Storm Damage? a thorough inspection and investigation and prepare a plan of action to restore your roof.  We do not want you to delay in implementing repairs to your roof as water seeps into your home through a damaged roof can cause  damage to your interior walls, structural supports and even your home’s foundation.

During a severe storm, keep yourself and your family inside and safe. Then let the professionals at Bay to Bay Roofing, Inc come out and take care of any storm damage that may have been caused by the storm, and make sure your home, contents, and most importantly your family stays safe and secure after the storm subsides!