Did Your Roof Get Pummeled by Hail this Summer?

In May, June, and July of this year, thousands of homes throughout the Tampa Bay Area, got pummeled by hail. What most home Roof Hail Damageowners do not know is that even if you cannot visibly see the damage from the ground, and possibly without a trained eye, cannot see it up on the roof, it is very likely that your roof suffered hail damage.  What is more important as a home owner, is that if your roof did suffer hail damage, there is a good chance that you may be eligible for a free roof.


If your home was hit by hail this summer and you did not get an inspection yet, call us right now to set up an appointment for a qualified, experienced storm and hail damage expert to come look at your roof.  There is a small window, depending on your insurance company, of 6 – 18 month to make a claim in which you may get your roof completely replaced with no cost too you, whether it is a year old or 10 years old.

Tampa Hail StormsBecause hail damage does not affect your roof right away with leaks or obvious physical damage, now is the time to call and set up an appointment as any new leaks you are getting might be a result of previous hail damage to your roof that may be eligible for an insurance claim.

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Things to know about Severe Weather and your Roof

How hail damages your roof

The type and amount of roof hail damage caused depends on several factors including the size of the stones, wind direction, the pitch of your roof as well as roof type and roofing material. A key determinant in the amount of damage caused by a hail stone is the angle in which the stone hits the roof shingle. If there are two houses with identical shingles, side-by-side, where the roofs face different directions or are pitched differently, they will not necessarily have the same roof hail damage.

When you have the right combination, or in this case the perfect “storm” of factors that cause the hail stone to pound directly on the shingle with minimal deflection, it can cause the greatest damage to the roof. You may notice small dimples or blisters in your roof’s shingles. In many cases if you have asphalt roof shingles, small granules will loosen and be evident in your downspouts. It is also recommended that you inspect your gutters or other aluminum or metal objects around your home. It may be easier to see the dimples created by the hail on these surfaces. If you notice small dents in your gutters or on other aluminum components of your roof, you have reason to be concerned.

Concealed Roof Hail Damage

Even if you don’t notice any water damage on the inside of your home after the storm, that does not mean your roof was not compromised by the hail. It is possible that the storm has reduced the effective life of your roof’s shingles. The shingle may degrade sooner than normal. This, at a minimum will reduce the life of your roof, and can lead to unexpected leaks which can be more costly to repair.